Economics for People, Planet & Profit

Are the economy and the environment two separate entities, destined to be in competition with one another? If they can thrive together, what does that economy look like? This new, sustainable economy is emerging in BC. In addition to traditional sectors such as for-profit, private, nonprofit and co-op, new models are demonstrating diverse approaches to sustainability in our province.
In this course, you will learn about:
  • The traditional tension between economy and environment
  • How BC’s economy can prosper without harming or sacrificing the environment
  • The core principles guiding the emergence of a new economy, including localization, relationship, wholism, integration, regeneration
  • New definitions of wealth and capital that include people, planet and profit - and how to take stock of that wealth in your own life and community
  • Integrating a more wholistic perspective into your analysis of new economic impact and action
  • New, sustainable economic tools and models such as sharing economies (ex: Airbnb), peer-to-peer lending, social ventures (ex: Sitka Society), buy-local movements (ex: see LOCO BC), community currency, impact investing, indigenomics, permanomics and more
  • The challenges faced by traditional and new economies

Lunch is included in your conference fees. Please note that all workshops require a minimum of 20 participants.

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Nicole Moen • Workshop presenter, "Economic for People, Planet and Profit"
Nicole Moen has started calling herself a serial Founder. Initiatives range from the BodyHeals Integrative Medicine events and Animate Community Inc., to the Victoria Community Health Cooperative and the Healing Cities Institute Society all of which she c Full profile
Fernanda Tomaselli • Workshop presenter, "Economics for People, Planet and Profit"
Fernanda Tomaselli is a PhD student at the UBC Faculty of Forestry who is researching ways of effectively communicating sustainability concepts to the broader public. Fernanda was deeply influenced by internationally renowned Ecological Economist (and originator of the “Ecological Footprint” concept) Bill Rees, one of her professors at UBC. Today... Full profile
Jordan Bober • Workshop presenter, "Economics for People, Planet and Profit"
Jordan Bober has Master's in Economics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Already during his studies, Jordan recognized the serious deficiencies of conventional economic theory and practice and acquired a strong interest in the emerging economics of sustainability, social justice and local resilience. In Vancouver, Jordan co-founded a community currency... Full profile
Andrew Fanning • Workshop presenter, "Economics for People, Planet and Profit"
Andrew is doing his PhD research from the University of Cádiz (Spain) focused on tracking indicators of environmental stress and social performance as a means to explore alternatives to growth-based economic policy in Canada and Spain. He is originally from Halifax and holds a Master's in Development Economics from Dalhousie University.
May 21, 2015 at 9:00am - 4pm
Malaspina Room, Coast Bastion Hotel
Kerry Davis
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