April 10, 2013
Contact: Craig Spence

Former Alberta Lougheed cabinet member serves as co-lead on Green Party provincial campaign team

The Green Party of BC officially announced today that David King, a former Alberta cabinet member under the Progressive Conservative government of Peter Lougheed, has joined the Green Party provincial campaign team. “We are simply thrilled that David is bringing his nearly twenty years’ experience as a provincial politician to enrich our campaign,” Leader Jane Sterk commented. King served as MLA for Edmonton-Highlands from 1971-1986, Education Minister from 1979-1986, and briefly as Minister of Technology, Research, and Telecommunications in 1986.

King explains, “I’ve only recently come to the Green Party in BC, and I find that I'm working with former Liberals and former New Democrats, who have had the same kind of experience, feel the same kind of frustration and dissatisfaction, and are looking for a new place to do new politics with new intentions for the community… The bipolar situation of two parties is bad for government. The secrecy of caucus and government is bad for the political process. And I think that people who have been in the Liberal party or the New Democratic Party, or the Conservative party are recognizing the shortcomings of the current situation, and seeing the opportunity for something new” in the Green Party.

“We need strong, local economies; healthy people, healthy places; and we need to reform government. I see those things time and again in the Green Party policy,” King adds.

King and Sterk originally met as students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, but only maintained intermittent contact until King expressed interest in reviving involvement in the political world, this time in his new home of BC. Since then, King has steadily deepened his involvement with the Green Party of BC, and now maintains co-leadership of the provincial campaign with long-time party organizer Philip Spidle.

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