Climate Change

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. All of our policies should have an estimate of their carbon footprint. Any policies that do not contribute to a reduction in global carbon footprint should be offset by policies that do.


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    To be leaders, Greens need to focus very hard on climate change, with well-thought-out policies that will drastically reduce emissions while easing the hardship of job transition from fossil fuel-based employment to alternative energy employment. Current goals are not adequate to address climate change meaningfully — Greens need to recognize that and go further. And also beware of unintended consequences — that’s where the “well-thought-out” part comes in.
  • commented 2016-10-11 03:19:43 -0700
    Action on climate change is paramount. The BC Greens should have a comprehensive plan in the platform which puts BC on a course that will actually making effective progress toward goals that have already been set. In addition, the BC Greens should position BC as a leader among Canadian provinces to show that a price on carbon is not a burden, but an economic instrument that supports innovation and development of new industries. The BC Greens must work with the federal government to push forward policies that help Canada to meet our goals as set out at Paris (COP21) and in negotiations since then.
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