Cost of living

Despite numerous promises to provide affordable housing, government action is long overdue. We need a comprehensive housing strategy that provides everyone an affordable home that meets their needs.

Empty shelves, inflation, and corporate greed make food insecurity a real threat for many British Columbians. The government must to do more to stop price gouging and keep shelves stocked.

An effective transportation system benefits people, the environment, and the economy. It is crucial for the government to prioritize creating a public transit system that is easy to use, available often, and affordable for everyone.

The nature of work is changing rapidly: the practices of multinational corporations, the rise of the gig economy, and the pandemic aftermath has left millions of workers with less rights and protections. We need forward thinking solutions to be enacted now.

The government has a duty to aid people in achieving their full potential, and this begins with investing in accessible education for all. We must ensure proper support is given to everyone in their pursuit of a better future.

Excellent physical and mental healthcare, that promotes well-being and decreases financial costs and patient load on the system, is a necessary foundation of our healthcare system.

Vibrant and liveable cities and communities must be a priority of government. Given the cost of living crisis, communities where people can access affordable resources that allow them to live, work, and play with more freedom is necessary.

The lingering impacts of COVID have worsened existing inequalities and increased the number of people facing income insecurity. We need to build a more robust social safety net that ensures all British Columbians can access income security and afford life’s necessities.
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