Making prescription contraception free

Contraception or “birth control” should be available to everyone who needs it. But right now in BC, cost is still a barrier to accessing prescription contraception. 

Cost should not be a barrier to anyone's right to make choices about their reproductive health.

Sign the petition to call on the BC NDP to fulfill their 2020 election promise of providing free prescription contraception in BC.


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Without access to safe preventive measures, more British Columbians are more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy. For many, an unplanned pregnancy means they have to leave work or drop out of school to take care of the child, if not giving the child up for adoption.

The BC NDP promised free contraception for BC in their 2020 election platform. One year later, they have not made good on their promise. The government has the power to make contraception more accessible. It’s time to eliminate the stigma and cost to accessing contraception so British Columbians can feel empowered to make safe choices about their reproductive health.