Club Penguin co-founder endorses BC Greens’ Robert Stupka for Kelowna West by-election

February 07, 2018

WEST KELOWNA B.C. – Club Penguin co-founder and entrepreneur Dave Krysko announced on YouTube yesterday that he has endorsed Robert Stupka and the BC Green Party for the Kelowna West by-election.

“We’ve been voting the same way for the same politicians and the same parties expecting change and hoping for change”, Krysko says in the video. “And that doesn’t happen unless you actually vote for a party or an individual that is going to change things and that’s why I like the Green Party.”

According to Krysko, the Greens aren’t about ideology, but putting people and the planet first. Decisions are made with evidence-based science, which is the best way to approach our problems.“Technology is coming — automation, artificial intelligence, driverless cars — we need people that are going to lead us through this and lead us to a place where nobody will be left behind,” Krysko added. “You can’t take ancient ideologies and try to solve modern problems and futuristic problems, so I think we’ve got to go with the Greens.

Stupka is "an excellent person with integrity and I think he is going to lead and serve the people of West Kelowna very well”, Krysko adds.

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Video endorsement:

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