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Clean growth

Endorse this economic plan for BC

There is opportunity in every challenge. Climate change is no different. In mitigating future climate change and adapting to what is already inevitable, we can build a sustainable and prosperous 21st century economy.

The world needs a leader that will recognize and embrace that opportunity. British Columbia can be that leader. We are perfectly poised to lead the way forward.

A clean growth strategy is BC’s chance to implement this revolutionary economic plan that will reduce emissions and champion innovation so that BC can succeed in the low-carbon economy.

Andrew Weaver and the BC Green Caucus have been working with the BC NDP government to design a clean growth strategy for many months. This website shares the values and concepts we have brought forward during that process.

Details on the finalized government plan will be rolled out this Fall.

BC has three strategic advantages over virtually every other region in the world: (1) Lifestyle - we are a destination of choice; (2) Education - we have a highly skilled and educated workforce; and (3) Renewable resources - we have abundant access to renewable resources.

Governments must put people’s interests first - ahead of entrenched industry - because building healthy, safe, secure communities needs to be prioritized in a changing world. A clean growth strategy must: (1) Recognize that climate policy is economic policy; (2) Empower local communities; and (3) Work with Indigenous communities.

Everyone knows our economy needs to change. The world is facing growing inequality, massive technological change and the very real threat of climate change. By taking climate change seriously, with carefully designed policies, BC’s economy can grow in new ways.
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