May 10, 2013
Contact: Craig Spence

Civil rights must be universal, says BC Green Leader Jane Sterk

The Green Party of BC recognized that the civil rights of British Columbians with disabilities are often overlooked. Currently British Columbians with disabilities who wish to exercise more independent, discretionary control over how community care is provided to them are denied that right. Furthermore, there is a need for better mechanisms to flag substandard care and rights violations subject to investigation and remedy.

Green Party Leader Jane Sterk says, “All citizens of our province and nation, which includes persons with disabilities, are entitled to the fundamental right to health, well-being, and freedom, including the right to participate actively in decision-making about their own care and how it will be provided.”

The Green Party shares the values and goals of Civil Rights Now. The Green Party supports the aims and objectives of Civil Rights Now’s proposal for Community Care (Direct Payments) Act and the Civil Rights of Persons in Community Care Act. Green MLAs will bring these proposed acts forward for review and further development by the provincial legislature.

As elected members of the legislature Green MLAs look forward to working directly with Civil Rights Now and other disability-rights groups on legislative initiatives aimed at dramatically improving the lives, choices, and care of this valued and under-served community.

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