Change the government’s culture of withholding information and research that impacts the choices British Columbians make around their health and safety


As exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, BC’s data collection and reporting systems have many gaps. The government’s introduction of anti-racism legislation is a good step, allowing the collection of disaggregated data that will help authorities better understand how different communities are affected by public health issues.

However, throughout the pandemic, the BC NDP has been reluctant to share robust data to support their public policy decisions or even follow the global scientific consensus on issues such as the airborne nature of COVID and the existence of long COVID. This has left British Columbians in the dark - and without the proper tools such as N95 masks and upgraded ventilation - when they are being asked to “self-manage” the risks of the pandemic. The BC NDP government must shift its approach to communications from hiding information to sharing it comprehensively.

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