Celena Benndorf

For Councillor-at-large


As per the BC Green Party’s bylaws, all members may vote for the Councillor-at-Large.

BC Greens’ vision is for a just, prosperous and sustainable British Columbia. We want to save the planet and help make the world a better place. Experience has shown us that to achieve our vision, we need to get political action, and to get that action, we need to get more Greens elected.

Our challenge is that the research indicates that most non-Green voters want a government that will directly improve their lives. Even though two thirds of British Columbians believe global warming is a major crisis (Research Co.), according to Business In Vancouver, they prioritize health care, housing, and the economy over their concern for the environment. And voters mistakenly believe Greens would prioritize the environment over social justice and the economy. Yes, Greens care deeply about the environment, but we also understand that we must be committed to all three pillars of Sustainability: People, Planet, and Prosperity – because they’re all connected.

My mission is to get more BC Greens elected. To do this we need to adopt a more strategic approach to campaigning and messaging, by communicating to non-Green voters how addressing the climate crisis will improve their lives.

About Celena

Celena has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, business management and marketing, including working at Procter & Gamble and Kraft Heinz, and several Director positions at TELUS, where she helped pioneer internet services. She learned a lot working in corporate Canada but felt she wasn’t helping to make a better world, so she left to found a successful natural foods company.

Celena served on the Board of the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association, which earned the honour of being the only Chapter to win this award for all 3 years that Celena served on the Board.

With a lifelong passion for community service, Celena’s volunteer work includes serving on the Vancouver School Board’s Diversity Advisory Committee, and Food Framework Committee, as well volunteering for ONE.org since 2009. She also previously served for 3 years on the Vancouver City Planning Commission and volunteered for the Minerva Foundation for BC Women for 6 years.

Her Green Party involvement includes currently serving her second term on the BC Greens Vancouver Riding Association Executive and previously served for 2 years on the BC Greens Policy Team. She was also Communications Manager for Van South in the 2019 federal election and canvassed for the Greens in the last 3 municipal elections.

Her education includes degrees in English Literature and Business (Marketing) from SFU, as well as certification in several advanced management programs, including Advanced Management in Communication Technology from USC, High-Performance Leadership from UofA, and Organization Development from the NTL Institute.

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