Stop selling BC schools

The lack of decent funding, has forced schools of all levels to sell our system for profit instead of for our residents. We need this to stop. With the much higher immigration numbers plus the international students, schools and teachers are struggling to provide a good English education. Many do benefit from these international students but our ability to ensure safety for all of them and BCers is almost nonexistent. I know of actual circumstances (several) where a student has been kicked out of one school on suspicion of drug dealing only to go to another BC school. Kicked out of that school for the same, the student went to Ontario. We need a province wide registry of international students to keep track of them. If student is kicked out of one, that is it, they go home and no BC education for them. It will elevate the type of student we get and make it more elitist for them as well. Based on schooling here, these individuals go in to gain entrance to Canada as immigrants but that drug dealing student, I don't want here! We also, for teachers and class composition sake, need to take ESL numbers and then give a cap on the numbers of international students allowed at that school. So, if there are 100 students at the school, then only ten ESL students. If these spots are used by residents of BC, then no international students there. All area resident ESL students will be accommodated but no new spots for international students. They can try the interior or the north or be out of luck.


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