Regular audits

Province needs to do regular audits on all accounts and issues. This province is FULL of those taking advantage of our system; homes, no taxes, using our water, bribes, etc. We have a ton of new people arriving here who are welcome however, they are used to corrupt systems in their old countries. They are used to bribing others, paying off contractors or licensors or inspectors or government officials. They want our country if honesty but our system assumes compliance and hardly checks it. Regular audits would catch these individuals. The law also needs to increase fines for breaking these laws. There have been tons of stories of new home owners ignoring the law, and cutting down trees for the view or building to close to the road and onward. They pay the $200 fine but what deterrence is that? There are huge numbers of tax cheats, home buyer cheats,health care cheats and schooling cheats. We need reliable audit safeguards to catch these individuals. We need to have consistent laws and systems on this throughout the province (not just Vancouver), so that every area is helped.


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