Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality

The Emerging Economy Task Force zeroed in on climate change as one of the major forces shaping our economy and didn’t mince their words about the scale of threat we face:

“The science is clear: without massive intervention to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, we are heading toward a catastrophe.”

In BC, neither the BC NDP nor the BC Liberals have a consistent track record when it comes to climate action. Both have had moments where they’ve embraced it, and other moments when they’ve done everything possible to undermine it. Only the BC Greens view greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction as non-negotiable.

The first step is setting clear goals. We are committed to making BC carbon neutral by 2045. This commitment sets us five years ahead of the federal government's commitment and puts us in line with California, a leading jurisdiction on climate action. We will set interim targets to keep us on track, as well as sectoral targets for industry.

We will also develop a robust strategy to meet the 2030 target, and develop an accountability framework to ensure we get there. We will take immediate steps to send a signal of our intent by ending government support for the fossil fuel industry.

The BC Greens will act immediately to set an interim target for 2025 and develop sectoral targets. We will also end oil and gas subsidies and implement a moratorium on fracking.

The BC Greens' plan for Carbon neutrality

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