Burnaby-Tricities-New Westminster Candidates

Regional Representative

Name: Wyatt Tessari

Email address: wyatt.tessari@gmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

As a former candidate and regional campaign coordinator in Burnaby, I really enjoyed working with the team here and hope to continue with the work we’ve started. 

I see a lot of opportunities for growth for the Green organisation in Burnaby-TriCities given the amount of votes we picked up in the last election, and I look forward to inviting new volunteers and helping them achieve their goals. My biggest objective is create a rhythm of activities and events that keeps everyone engaged and looking for more.



Events Chair

Name: Kelly Weleschuk

Email address:   kj.weleschuk@gmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee: 

With a Bachelors degree in Political Science, Kelly is working towards a Masters and PhD in Political Science and Gender Studies. Since graduation, Kelly has been dedicated to working within her community with various organizations. For example, since October 2012, Kelly has been volunteering with WISH Society and Drop-In Center in the Downtown Eastside.

Kelly came on as an Intern with the Green Party of BC in February 2013 for the provincial team. Kelly quickly became a leader and was responsible for recruiting and coordinating new Interns in the Greater Vancouver area and Victoria. Leading up to the election Kelly worked heavily on Jane Sterk’s Campaign, from the office to door-to-door to outreach events


Outreach Chair

Name: Sandra Alarcon

Email Address: salarconry@gmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee: 

These are exciting times for the BC Greens! With the elections done and dusted, we need to keep the hype up and let people know that we are stronger than ever and things are only going to get better. I am a young and enthusiastic face with a real passion for green politics and I am ready to represent the Green Party in Burnaby-Tricities-New Westminster and build key relationships to take the Party further than it has ever been.

I have been involved with the Green Party of BC provincial team since March 2013, volunteering both in the Lower Mainland and in Victoria. I was also involved in Jane Sterk’s Campaign. 


Membership Chair 

Name:  Donald Johnson

Email address: don.colibri@gmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee: 

I have been interested in the political field for most of my life. At 14 in 1962 after hearing a speech by Tommy Douglas, I joined the New Democratic Youth and by 16 I was the constituency president and an executive in the senior party (Okanagan Boundary).

Later on I was also a member and election worker with the Progressive Conservatives as well as the provincial Social Credit. I have also been a member of the Reform Party.

In Mexico where I lived from 1994 until 2012 my marketing company Vision Empresarial worked doing market surveys and advising the PRD (NDP) Mayor of Mexico City as well as the national campaign of the PAN (Conservatives) when they won the elections of 2000 and 2006.

I grew up from 1952 – 1972 under the WAC Bennett Social Credit government which despite my political leanings at the time has proved to have been one of the finest and most financially responsible governments in the history of Canada. (Wacky was fond of saying to his ministers “in this government you must get two dollars of value for every dollar you spend” – how very far have we come from that sentiment?)

The last BC election I worked for the NDP simply because I was disgusted by the dishonesty, incompetence and waste of  “Today’s BC Liberals” which was so obvious upon my return. I now believe that the Green Party represents the best opportunity to break out of the fossilized mold of the Liberal-NDP political structure in BC and return to the more successful populist approach of actually taking care of this province and her people.

I chose “membership” because I have a history in sales and marketing as well as public relations and without membership, nothing much else is ever going to happen. With a large, vigorous and expanding membership I believe we may only be one or two elections away from the “Promised Land.”


Policy Chair


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