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For fifteen years, Bradley Shende has done his part to celebrate science and innovation nationwide on TV and digital media, winning awards and accolades along the way. At BCIT, he teaches the workers of tomorrow how best to use new media to further their businesses and communicate with the world. As a teacher, a filmmaker, consultant, entrepreneur and Nerd-to-English translator, Bradley’s worked to bring people together to master the present and create the future. Now, he wants to do his part for our city’s future as the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek.

As a single father of three, Bradley knows how hard it is to raise a family here. Between the high cost of living and the lack of affordable housing, he’s watched too many talented people leave Vancouver for simpler lives elsewhere. Vancouver has a problem, but it also has the solution. Despite provincial apathy, the Vancouver tech community has created thousands of jobs, exploding across the city and inspiring invention and innovation across the continent. As the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek, Bradley will make sure that the tech community will get all the support it needs to employ and celebrate Vancouver’s talented workforce. A rising tide lifts all boats: supporting local industry improves the lives of all Vancouverites. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Millennial or a Boomer, parent or child. A sustainable economy keeps us all in the city we love.

Although new to politics, his interest in political issues is not new. In 2013, he co-founded CRED: Conversations for Responsible Economic Development. CRED is a non-profit, non-partisan collection of business owners, academics, landowners and everyday Vancouverites who support responsible economic development. With CRED he asked that the province do the right kind of math on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline to ensure a green and prosperous future for BC, including jobs that actually make this province work. And that’s exactly what he’ll do as your MLA.

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