What is a platform document?

While I appreciate that the policy "goal or vision" statements are an important framework for discussion I believe the "platform" should add a practical solution under each goal statement. I believe the concepts need practical options to draw peoples attention to why the Green policy is any different than the NDP or Liberal platform. For example: Housing or Affordable Housing is referenced 2 times under Headings - Health, Standard of Living but there is no plan, strategy or starting point provided. So the election concern becomes, what makes the Green policy/platform any different than Liberals similar statement. There are some solid examples of strategies which move people from poverty to productive citizens that would provide the Green Party a practical strategy within the scope of Policy goals. The Dutch "Big City Policy" takes the program applicant (Homeless, Unemployed) and provides shared accommodation, transit pass, entry level job, health care services and educational support. Housing is only one piece of helping an individual change their lives. If they do well at job and learn a second language their wage increases and they can apply for single accommodation. This is just one example of focusing Green Policy statement to deal more comprehensively with the many issues related to poverty. Housing is just one piece of the puzzle. We want whole person recovery not housing the poor as Green's strategy related to affordable housing. Similarly policies on Resource Management policies need clarity. Both industry investment, individual long term employment and municipal tax base depend on clear, doable resource management goals and strategies. For example we do not want raw resources exported - logs, oil, ores, etc. If they are exported what is the "penalty" (royalties which mirror cost of lost jobs, etc.) And if we "encourage" industries to stay what incentives ( tax breaks) can we justify for the creation of value added jobs in province. These are a couple of suggestions that I feel help us break out of the pack, offer media and public practical strategies and reassure voters that the Green Party can balance sustainable eco-system and economic goals for the benefit of all British Columbians. As an aside I would be cautious with platforms that are too specific - ie: improve Malahat. This may be an important regional issue but may have little resonance to most BC voters. What is of interest to all voters is, does the Province have a transportation strategy, how is it funded, what are short and long term priorities and most important, how is Green strategy any different. Finally I would be concerned with platforms such as legalize all drugs. I believe I understand the concern but drug addiction is a very complex and "life threatening" issue. Immediate education warning people about enormous risks of drug use is essential to stop people from buying from ruthless dealers but I believe a more wholistic platform would be to indicate that the Green Party will mandate a professional and public commission to examine why are dangerous or prescription drugs used so frequently by people who should know the dangerous consequences. The commission would report within 9 months with strategic plan to start to unravel this social disaster. I believe - per Island Health's Annual, Community Health Report that poverty, poor wages, high cost of living, distorted distribution of wealth have all contributed to a significant increase in stress and people turning to alcohol drugs as an escape. I would prefer that the Green platform reflect solutions that target the key health stressors as well as effects of use. War on drugs is a distorted term. The criminal element will always have to be dealt with but I believe we can greatly reduce demand by attacking the stressors that people are dealing with. Educate public on healthy lifestyle choices and promote healthy options for dealing with problems, ie: more indoor recreational options, access to outdoor activities, community service and support groups and a political party that will stand up for fairer distribution of wealth.


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  • Andre Piver
    commented 2017-02-07 20:44:36 -0800
    Addressing the underlying issues would ideally go back to early childhood support for those most at risk . See the original “Head Start” program in the U.S. with 27 years of absolutely validated and statistically significant outcome data showing significant positive impacts on multiple outcomes including scholarity, criminality, durable marriages, criminality and drug use. Not ideology but proven strategy that has been lost, like lots of other knowledge.
  • Andre Piver
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  • Bill Irving
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