Impact of escalating gap between rich and poor.

In the BC Green Policy document there is a statement supporting the need for an anti-poverty strategy followed by suggestions for low income housing, etc. I believe we need to include a broader statement which identifies how socially, economically and environmentally debilitating the gap in distribution of wealth has become. (In Canada, for example, riches 20% hold 70% of Canada's wealth) If we make a policy/platform statement about combatting poverty with more government spending, voters will wonder where that money will come from and they know consistently it will come from middle income Canadians not the wealthy. I believe if we can more clearly outline the scope of this problem and identify the serious impact of distribution of wealth has on all facets of our society then our policies and solutions will have more appeal to broader electorate. I have discussed this topic with several people who consistently vote Liberal and they all agreed that the wages paid in most service jobs (which is the trend in BC) and many technical and production jobs pay less than wages for same jobs 15 years ago and anything below $20 and hour is poverty wages. They also agree that the Liberals and NDP have talked around this issue for years while conditions worsen. I know there are Green policy statements about graduated tax structure to address this issue (unfortunately the same as Liberal and NDP stance) but I think the Green Party needs to emphasis the how serious an impact this is on BC's social and economic health. (There are ample examples in both North and South America which emphasis the depth of social destruction that the broadening gap between rich and poor has created. Monopoly control of resources and markets in Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, southern states has created wealth for a few, based on poverty wages and has helped destroy individual effort and pride. This crushing poverty has led to huge increase in crime and social injustice.) BC Health Authority has identified poverty as chief cause of many of the social concerns we see in BC. I think if Greens hit this issue hard, clearly relate impact on average British Columbian and show how past governments have only talked about this problem we will gain a lot of interest from middle class and small businesses.


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  • Jan Slakov
    commented 2017-03-09 08:33:22 -0800
    I suspect much of what needs to be done must be done in conjunction with other governments. With financial mobility, those with lots of money can just move elsewhere if we raise taxes. But it still makes sense to raise taxes and use the money to provide support for people who are struggling.
  • Jan Slakov
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  • Marlene Dinsmore
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  • Bill Irving
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