BC Hydro




  • Need to repurpose/redirect BC Hydro
  • Concern about IPPs and feed-in tariffs


  • Mandate BC Hydro to change - BC utilities
  • Need to repurpose/redirect BC Hydro
  • Revisit BC Hydro mandate - Broader than Hydro-Electric
  • BC Hydro has to be revisited - It is out of control
  • IPP’s - independent power producers
    • Locked into contracts to buy energy from IPP
    • New government: report to remove IPP’s
    • BCUC has to be involved
  • Ticked off that BC Hydro
    • Feed in tariff - pay above market rate - pay off investment
  • Our/water exchanges draw on electricity
    • IPP/ clean Energy BC need 5 sites C’s over the next few years
  • Excess energy production
  • BC Hydro should be elected as they have controlled our energy policies for a long time
  • Bullfrog power - support
    • They introduce green power into the grid
  • How to encourage co-ops
    • BC Hydro is locked into buying energy when they don’t need it
    • The Greens can be successful at restructuring BC Hydro
      • Lots of examples in Germany etc.
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