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Join us for BC Greens Connect. A series of online talks to engage members in issues that are important to our party as we move forward in our post-COVID world.

Equity & Diversity - how can the BC Green Party become more reflective of everyone we wish to represent? Presented by Dr. Lisa GundersonRacial Equity Consultant, Facilitator & Trainer Clinical Psychologist

Two out of the six Green Party core principles are Participatory Democracy and Respect for Diversity. As BC Green members, we take pride in the principles we represent. What can we do better though, to make sure our values are truly represented throughout our organization? Join us as Dr. Gunderson leads us through a stimulating discussion on how we can walk the talk, and truly increase diversity and equity in the candidates we nominate and the members that support us.

Dr. Lisa Gunderson is an award-winning educator and founder of One Love Consulting (OLC). She is a registered clinical counsellor and the community liaison for the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island. Dr Gunderson is a representative to the Saanich Council of Parent Advisory Councils, co-founder of the Girls with Afro-Textured Hair Group and is a former liaison to the Greater Victoria Police Diversity Advisory Committee, and board member of the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Center Society. She lives in Victoria with her partner and two teenage children. 

Thu. May 21, 2020
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Lori Petryk ·

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