BC Greens Book Club

- A BC Greens Book Club dedicated to Informed Public Policy

We are excited to announce the BC Greens Book Club - dedicated to a candid discussion of
literature concerning the elements shaping, politics, economics, and public policy in BC, and
their implications for the BC Green Party.

Meetings will be held quarterly, and members will be able to participate either in person or
online through GoTo meeting.

The format will consist of a panel of 3 people who have read the book and a panel chair.

  • The panel chair will give a short overview of the book,
  • Each panel members will give their opinions on the book, in particular what are the key
    messages in the book and what can we, as a party, take away from it.
  • Questions and comments will then be invited from the “floor”.
  • The panel chair will moderate the discussion, those participating online will be able to
    submit questions and comments in writing, or to make a verbal presentation.
    Members will be responsible to acquiring their own copy of the book or document, however,
    we strongly encourage members to support their local independent BC based bookstore
    whenever possible.
  • A list of bookstores can be found at https://thetyee.ca/Books/Bookstores/

If you would like to be part of the conversation:

  • RSVP to our invitations (sign up for invitations below) and you will be sent login details for the event if you
    are participating online.
  • You can volunteer to be a panel member or a panel chair!
  • You can suggest a book title for us to review.
  • Acquire the book for the upcoming session
  • READ IT!!
  • Prepare your comments and questions
  • Join the meeting

Questions can be directed to (book_club@bcgreens.ca)

Upcoming meetings

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