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Getting involved as a volunteer

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If you are motivated to get involved in building the party, and are unsure of what to do next: this is the session for you! 

We'll discuss the role of a local volunteer team, how to get involved in one, and the pathway from starting, or being on, a small team of volunteers to being on a large team of volunteers with a track record of success! 

This session will also cover some material relevant to volunteers who have been around for a while that feel a bit stuck.

The event will be facilitated by Robert Routledge, Field Director, and Sabine Möller, Field Organizer.

Robert Routledge (he/him)

Field Director for the BC Green Party


This event will be held on Zoom and is FREE.

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Thu. Nov 25, 2021
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The BC Green Party is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal speaking opportunities. To support this commitment, all event attendees will be expected to follow the standards of our Safe Spaces Participant's Guide

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