Backgrounder - amendments

NDP Amendment:

Ms. Robinson to move in amendment, seconded by Mr. Macdonald

Be it resolved that the motion “We, Her Majesty’s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, in session assembled, beg leave to thank Your Honour for the gracious Speech which Your Honour has addressed to us at the opening of the present session,” be amended by adding the following:

“and that the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia regrets that the families in the province have seen their wages fall as they pay more for their basic services, while the government gives a break to the highest two per cent of income earners; regrets that the government has failed to meet its commitment that all British Columbians will have access to a general practitioner by 2015; regrets that seniors still do not have flexible options for home care or assisted living; regrets that young people in the province face uncertain job prospects as the government has bet on one sector rather than working with businesses and workers across B.C. to reach their potential; and regrets that the government will not fulfill its commitment for at least one LNG pipeline and terminal online in B.C. by 2015.” (MOVED.)


MLA Andrew Weaver’s sub-amendment:

Mr. Weaver to move —

That the amendment moved by Ms. Robinson and seconded by Mr. Macdonald be sub-amended by adding the following:

“and recognizes that leadership in government requires a commitment to seek out and incorporate ideas from others while leadership in opposition requires a commitment to offering solutions, and hence calls on this House to collaborate on the development of a new vision for British Columbia that builds on the good ideas of all Members, regardless of their party affiliation.” (MOVED.)

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