B.C. Green Party sets new fundraising record for April

May 04, 2017

VICTORIA B.C. -- April was the strongest month of fundraising in the B.C. Green Party’s history. The B.C. Greens received 50% more donations in April than in the previous best month.

In addition to setting this fundraising record, the B.C. Green Party has significantly expanded its number of donors. Over half of the B.C. Green Party’s current donors are new donors who joined since the Party banned corporate and union donations in September 2016.

“I’m so grateful to every individual who has chosen to support us since we banned corporate and union donations,” said Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party.

“We banned corporate and union donations as a matter of principle, because it was the right thing to do. As a result, our fundraising has increased, and people have stepped forward in unprecedented numbers to support us.

“People have been abundantly clear: they want big money out of politics. But 5 days before the election, we are still the only major party not accepting corporate and union donations."

86% of British Columbians support banning corporate and union donations, according to an Insights West Poll.

A B.C. Green government would ban corporate and union donations for all parties. The party’s full democratic reform platform can be viewed athttp://www.bcgreens.ca/democratic_integrity

As the campaign is ongoing, the B.C. Green Party will not be releasing its exact 2017 fundraising figures before the May 9 election.


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