[MEDIA RELEASE] B.C. Green Party appoints 2017 Campaign Co-Directors

January 19, 2016

VICTORIA B.C. – The B.C. Green Party is pleased to announce that it has appointed Brian Rice and Taylor Hartrick as Campaign Co-Directors for its 2017 provincial election campaign. 

Rice is a veteran political campaigner and President of 4 Crows Consulting Ltd., which provides consulting, coaching and training in both political and public advocacy campaigns. He has been active in the Liberal Party of Canada and Vision Vancouver. From June 2012 to November 2013, Rice served as the President of the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia. Hartrick spent two years in MLA Andrew Weaver’s legislative office, and has worked on campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal level, primarily in BC. He is currently completing his Master’s degree in Political Management at Carleton University.

“The B.C. Green Party offers British Columbians a reliable, trusted and balanced approach to governance,” Andrew Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party and MLA for Oak Bay–Gordon Head said. “British Columbians are tired of the dysfunction of B.C. politics, which is driven by vested interests. In 2017, the B.C. Green Party will give all citizens of our province a real choice for change. We are recruiting the highest calibre of professionals to bring this message to B.C.. I am very happy to welcome Brian and Taylor to the team.”

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Media contact:

Mat Wright, Press Secretary
Office of Andrew Weaver
250-216-3382 | [email protected]



Brian Rice


After meeting the BC Greens team late last year, I was honoured to be asked to join them. The B.C. Green Party represents the future of B.C. politics. Until recently, there was no place for voters who want a balanced approach to governance that builds a sustainable economy and a compassionate society. Andrew Weaver has the vision, and we are building the team to offer BC voters a better option in 2017.

Brian Rice
Campaign Co-Director
B.C. Green Party 2017 campaign



Teams matter most.

The end result of any project is a direct reflection of the quality, capability and connection of the team. This is true in all organizations; business, not for profits, and politics alike. Too often, organizations fail to ensure proper team dynamics are in place before setting out on mission critical projects, often with significantly sub-optimal outcomes as a result.

Brian G. Rice is President of 4 Crows Consulting, Ltd., which provides consulting, coaching and training in both political and public advocacy campaigns. He is an experienced team coach with an extensive background in process management and development. His work focuses on building effective, efficient and highly connected teams, and then helping them to lead and empower themselves to be successful.

Over the past seven years, Brian has been using his knowledge of building successful teams to help political organizations achieve success. Brian advises on how to use team management, project management and voter contact best practices to help political teams and candidates create meaningful and effective connections with voters.

Brian served as President and Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada in BC, was Chair of B.C. Federal Liberal Council, and has a background in software development.



Taylor Hartrick


I have been working with Andrew Weaver since his historic campaign in 2013, when he became Canada’s first Green MLA. In that time, the B.C. Green Party has worked hard to offer British Columbians a fresh voice on the province’s most important issues. I am very excited to help share the message of hope and change that Andrew Weaver and the B.C. Green Party offer.

Taylor Hartrick
Campaign Co-Director
B.C. Green Party 2017 campaign



Taylor Hartrick is drawn to politics as a vehicle for building a more equitable and sustainable society.

A key player behind much of the B.C. Green Party’s recent success, Taylor began working with the party during Andrew Weaver’s historic election in 2013. He subsequently spent two years on Dr. Weaver’s legislative staff. In this capacity, Taylor worked with Dr. Weaver to offer his constituents, and British Columbians more broadly, a new voice – one that is grounded in evidence and focused on them.

Taylor is motivated by the opportunity to help develop a viable political alternative for British Columbians. He has worked on municipal, provincial and federal elections and has helped guide the party’s electoral preparedness.

Taylor holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics and History from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. He is currently completing his Master’s in Political Management at Carleton University.



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