B.C. Green Party Affordable Homes Strategy - Further Details

April 18, 2017

VICTORIA B.C. – Due to the volume of interest received in its Affordable Homes Strategy, the B.C. Green Party has released a document explaining key elements of the strategy and clarifying some of the details, including the policy on provincial capital gains tax.

“Solving the affordability crisis and ensuring that British Columbians can afford to live in our cities requires bold action,” said Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party.

“Our Affordable Homes Strategy recognizes that the primary purpose of housing must be to provide homes first and a means of investment a distant second.

“Our strategy is bold and based on evidence, and it will tackle the root causes of the problems we face.”

The top priority of the B.C. Green Party is to stop speculation in the real estate market and keep housing affordable so that British Columbians can prosper.

The Affordable Homes Strategy is based on 4 areas of action:

  • Cool the market for residential real estate

  • Increase supply of affordable accommodation

  • Protect tenants and landlords

  • Maintain and enhance housing support programs

Please see the attached document for further details.

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