Arthur Green bio

Born in Mission, BC in 1955, Arthur Green's family first settle in BC in the 1800's. Arthur, a fourth generation Canadian, attended school and graduated in the eastern Fraser Valley in 1973, and immediately started a career in forest service management and protection with the BC Forest Service.

From forestry, Arthur moved onto the oil and gas industries in Drayton Valley, Alberta. It was after this, when Arthur started his financial services career, that he studied office careers and accounting at Fraser Valley University, eventually starting his own financial services company, The Green Shelters Corporation. Arthur also worked in the mining resource industry as a grid surveyor during this period of time.

After several years of successful operation, Arthur began his career to date as an art department head in the BC motion picture industry for some of the largest mass media corporations in North America.

After 30 years of dedicated service in cinema, Arthur began studying political science, because of his life long passion for provincial and federal politics. Arthur feels because of this acquired knowledge, and his dedication to the greater good, that he has the needed ability and work ethic required to bring our province into a strong economic and sustainable future.

In his spare time, you might catch Arthur on his bicycle, as he's cycled Europe, New Zealand, BC, and even worked as a Pedicab operator in Hawaii.

When he's not on his bike, you may find Arthur by his pool, writing about issues of social justice, or political issues concerning the economy and the environment. You may find Arthur at his favourite place of worship, Grace Baptist Church, in Hope, BC. You may find him volunteering in the community, or at a Bible study. But one thing is for sure, you know he will be praying and planning for a better world.

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