Andrew Weaver Speaking at Education rally

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  • Josephine Fletcher
    commented 2014-09-17 07:40:01 -0700
    We must embrace learning and the joy of learning for the most amazing young people that are entrusted to us. The world is an amazing place. It appears to be bound by bureaucratic nets and dragged down thus suffocating any enlightenment. All those who long to teach must be cherished and paid well. By well i mean as so they can enjoy a quality of life that they then can convey to the next generation in a most positive way that is long term healthy for all of us on this planet.
  • Kiersten Brookes
    commented 2014-09-17 05:47:21 -0700
    Andrew Weaver you are a good man! I appreciate all your work in setting the record straight and valuing teachers and education. I also appreciate the time you take to respond to the people. As a teacher I am very demoralized and feeling used by the government to fund other things in the government. For after all each day of the strike the government saved 12 million dollars. Our 7.25 raise will take 3 years or more for us to recooperate the loss each teacher has swallowed to the tune of 6,000 – 7,000 dollars each. Beyond that, wouldn’t it have been nice to see the government take responsibility and fund education at least part way to 2002 levels. After all, they have saved over 200 million each of those 12 years. It certainly is not fair. Students lose. Teachers lose. Society loses. Thank you for your work. Best wishes, let’s continue the pressure.

    Kiersten Chase Brookes
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