Andrew Weaver responds to Ombudsperson’s report on the 2012 Ministry of Health Firings

April 06, 2017

VICTORIA B.C. – The Ombudsperson’s report, Misfire, is explicitly clear: B.C. government was wrong to fire the 8 public health researchers in 2012.

“As this report details, there were serious internal problems in government’s handling of this situation. Among many inexcusable outcomes, it lead to a tragic outcome for Roderick MacIsaac and his family,” says Andrew Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party.

The Ombudsperson found that the internal investigations that formed the basis of the government’s firing decision were unfair and ineffective. He found that investigators jumped to conclusions, made assumptions, and made decisions without adequate evidence. They did not undertake an objective fact-finding investigation.

“It is essential that the government take steps to remedy the egregious problems that led to this being able to happen. As Ombudsperson Jay Chalke has explained, we need to change the way in which the public service manages investigations and dismissals.

“I welcome the release of the comprehensive Ombudsperson’s report into the 2012 Ministry of Health Firings and urge the British Columbia government to begin fully implementing every recommendation as soon as possible. I can assure British Columbians that a B.C. Green government will act on this quickly and decisively if elected next month.”

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