Andrew Weaver introduces ride-hailing legislation for the third time

October 19, 2017

VICTORIA, B.C. - Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, today introduced his Ridesharing Enabling Act for the third time. Weaver previously introduced the bill twice under the past B.C. Liberal government. The bill has been modified slightly from previous versions to enable ICBC to develop an insurance regime for ride-hailing, as well as some other minor modifications.

“Now that all three parties have agreed to bring ride-hailing to B.C., it’s time we had a frank and substantive debate on the details of this issue,” Weaver said.

“In the five years since ride-hailing was first introduced to B.C., there has been much fear-mongering and politicization of this issue. The legislature should be a place where people can hear their elected representatives engage in substantive debate about the issues that matter to them. There is no better opportunity to do this than in a minority government where parties need to work together. I urge the B.C. NDP to call this bill forward for debate so that British Columbians can hear an open, transparent discussion on ride-hailing from their MLAs.


“B.C. cannot be a leader in the creative economy unless it addresses emerging technologies head-on. Vancouver is the largest city in North America to not regulate this industry. Meanwhile, ride-hailing companies are operating without proper oversight, insurance or regulation.

“Disruptive technologies like ride-hailing have ramifications throughout many facets of society. Parties have rightly raised concerns about how ride-hailing will impact existing businesses and public safety. But our job as leaders is to offer solutions. Let’s take this opportunity to do things differently be engaging in a substantive policy-based discussion about this issue that British Columbians have awaited for far too long.”


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