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Andrew Weaver announces David Wong as B.C. Greens Housing and Affordability Spokesperson

April 07, 2017

VANCOUVER B.C. - Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, announced David Wong, B.C. Green Party candidate for Vancouver-Hastings, as the party spokesperson on housing and affordability today. Wong is an architect and long-time advocate for affordability and sustainable communities.

β€œI am delighted to welcome David as our spokesperson on housing and affordability,” said Weaver. β€œHe was speaking about affordability and the importance of sustainable communities long before it became a buzzword for politicians. As a resident of East Vancouver, he knows how vital this issue is to British Columbians and how B.C. Liberal policies have failed residents across the province on this issue. I am thrilled to have such a highly qualified, passionate advocate as the B.C. Greens spokesperson on housing and affordability and even more thrilled to have him running with us in Vancouver-Hastings.”

Wong welcomed the appointment while campaigning in Vancouver-Hastings.

β€œI am honoured to accept the position of housing and affordability spokesperson for the B.C. Green Party,” said Wong. β€œTrue sustainability includes sustainable communities where residents and families can live where they work. With integrated, community-focused housing solutions in place, we can greatly reduce our environmental impact while making life more affordable for everyone. I am proud to be running with the B.C. Greens as they put forth evidence-based solutions for the key issues, such as affordable housing, that British Columbians face every day.”

Wong has extensive experience with affordability issues, having worked on sustainable eco-villages in South East Asia as an architect in Singapore. He has worked closely with First Nations communities to develop sustainable housing solutions, including helping to develop a program in Bella Coola that trained 60 community members to build houses through a mentorship program with elders and trades partnerships.

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