This Campaign Finance Reform Bill Is Not Good enough

1. Ban on corporate and union donations Great! 2. Ensure BC has among the lowest individual contribution limits in the country This isn't good enough, this bill proposes an individual contribution limit of $1200, that's 12x the amount of Quebec's. The high contribution limit gives an unfair advantage to those who have greater wealth. We should be striving to give everyone equal power over their democracy. The BC Green party should push for an end to private individual campaign contributions in favour of a publicly funded donation voucher system. Let's take wealth out of equation, and give equal power to everyone. 3. Reduce overall election spending by political parties Great! 4. Eliminate loopholes for 3rd-party funding to avoid US-style PACs (political action committees) The importance of regulating 3rd-party funding can not be understated. Without strong regulations over PACs the ban on corporate and union donations becomes ineffective because they can easily skirt the ban. 5. Introduce this legislation immediately as one of the first bills tabled in the legislature. Amend the bill, with these concerns in mind. I would also like to see these campaign finance reforms implemented at the municipal level.

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Thank you for taking the time to post, Andrew. We agree!!! A lower per individual limit would be more accessible for everyone, however, during negotiation with the NDP government, $1200 per individual a year was the compromise made between the two parties. 

Here is more on the consultation process from an article in the Globe and Mail:

We greatly appriciate all your feedback.


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  • Kelsey Reid
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