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After travelling the world, Europe, Africa and Asia, Shaw gained a better appreciation for the bounty we have in B.C. She got politically involved in provincial politics in the early 1990s, working collaboratively to create a vision for resource management through Province’s Commission on Resources and the Environment. At that time she became instrumental in getting young people engaged in political activities that would shape their future. During this political segue she called upon decision makers to look beyond the next political cycle and to plan for the future.

Shaw then pursued studies at UBC to further her education on building more complete and sustainable communities. Her early work focused on sustainable planning at the municipal level in South Africa. Then, as a graduate student and the first authorized researcher to observe the interactions between scientists and policymakers in the Nobel-Prize winning United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, she documented first-hand the important role that vision and evidence plays in policymaking and how political values, in turn, shape what evidence gets valued. Her PhD and subsequent research have shown the crucial importance of a sustainable vision for local economies and communities that everyone can get behind.

Throughout her decade-long academic career, she developed collaborative projects that included researchers, governmental representatives, crown corporations, the private sector and public stakeholders. These projects all shared the goal of identifying and testing policies and tools that enable innovative forms of economic development that reinvigorate local economies and create thriving communities in BC.

Shaw’s shift from academic to entrepreneur came in 2013. Her company, FlipSide Sustainability, now applies cutting-edge research and pioneering tools to help public and private sector clients account for people and planet alongside budgets and profit.

With over twenty years of sustainability research and consulting experience, Shaw is excited about joining a team that can build upon BC’s reputation and leadership, showcasing 21st century policies that build resilient economies and thriving communities. She is excited about engaging with Kelowna-Lake Country constituents in order to harness the most creative and effective ideas to build the kind of future we want and need in the Okanagan.

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