Aird Flavelle bio

Aird Flavelle made his first big impression on the Fraser Valley political scene by waving a water sprinkler above his head during an Abbotsford B.C. 2011 election debate. The widely publicized gesture illustrated his pro-conservation stance and influenced the civic conversation over water management in the most colourful way imaginable.

The following year, former B.C. Green Party leader Jane Sterk recruited Flavelle to run in the 2013 Provincial election. Ultimately, he won 9% of the vote in the Abbotsford-Mission riding and was elected to the Provincial Council of the B.C. Greens. Since then, he has been a relentless incubator for the B.C. Greens in the Fraser Valley, championing Green values like sustainable economic growth with verve and personality. He currently serves as the B.C. Green Party’s treasurer.

For the 2014 civic election, Flavelle assembled a team that registered the Abbotsford Greens, a new civic political party. For the 2015 Federal election, he organized a team to field a candidate for the Abbotsford riding. In total, Flavelle has run in the Abbotsford civic elections three times: in 2008, 2011, and 2014.

Passion for his community has been a constant theme in his two decades of residency in the Fraser Valley. As founder of the information technology company MSA Computers Ltd., he became a natural advocate for entrepreneurship and knowledge-based industries. His community knows him as a Rotarian, a long-time committee member for the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and a volunteer for countless local causes. These include acting as the Abbotsford International Airshow’s Secretary, a gallery attendant at the Reach Gallery Museum, and a member of the Abbotsford-Mission Nature Club.

In all things, his energy and commitment is unflagging. In fact, he is close to having a perfect attendance record for Abbotsford City Council meetings and Police Board meetings since 2007. A true believer in participatory democracy, he knows there is power in showing up, speaking up, and influencing the conversation.

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