AGM 2013 Policy

Provincial Legislature Expense Management Resolution

Roland introduced the resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT The documentation, authorization, and oversight of MLA expense claims, MLA constituency office allowances, and supplemental compensation requests for any legislature staff or MLAs will be established within a new department of the independent office of the BC Auditor General

 AND Murray Weisenberger MOVED approval. John Hague After some discussion, Carrie McLaren MOVED that the resolution be referred back to the Research and Policy Committee for further refinement. APPROVED


Policy for rescinding

Roland stated the Research & Policy Committee recommends to Provincial Council that the following policy in Consolidated Policies 2012 (11/15/2012) be rescinded: Cities should be required to maintain the same average density within their limits so that when one area's density is increased, another area's density should be proportionally decreased.

After some discussion, Stephen Rees MOVED that policy of the Consolidated Policies 2012 be rescinded. APPROVED


Branding and Communications Resolution

Susan Low introduced the following motion from the floor:


The Green Party of BC has achieved a breakthrough electoral success with the election of an MLA candidate who was backed by a strong, well-funded campaign and a stellar international reputation; and

The Green Party of BC has invested significant efforts and resources to develop a set of policies which are progressive, comprehensive and worthy of popular support; and

Informal feedback to party members indicates that the public does not associate the Green Party of BC with many of our policies and principles, particularly those outside the environmental field, and indeed the public may have inaccurate negative perceptions of the party; and

Lack of public understanding of our policies and principles and negative perceptions of our party may be inhibiting our fundraising, recruitment of members and candidates, and voter support:



The Green Party of BC undertake a systematic review of the party's branding and communications involving such Directors at Large or members who can contribute knowledge and skills of branding, market research and communications strategy;

Further, that this review be directed by the Members to include a major "brand" assessment to evaluate the party’s brand positioning, and determine the options for enhancing and updating the public's perception and understanding of the Green Party of BC's policies and principles.

Background Notes & Assumptions:

For the purposes of this resolution, "brand" refers to not just the logo, name, website etc. but to the public's perception of the Green Party of BC. For example, how do people respond when you ask them “what do you think about when you hear the words “Green Party of BC”?

Market research should be conducted to determine to what extent the public is accepting or interested in our policy platform, but is deterred by current or past party communications and public relations. A blind survey would be one tool to accomplish this. The goal of this assessment will be to determine how much our brand (in the public's eyes) is hindering us, and also to identify options for enhancing our brand.

The use of market research contractors should be considered by the Committee (this is not part of this resolution) especially if we can find a third party researcher who is willing to work pro bono or support us in some way. Market research is best performed by people who can present themselves as unconnected with the research subject. Any budget allocations for this work would have to pass through Provincial Council on recommendation from the Committee.

The resolution generated considerable discussion and after a friendly amendment by Francoise Raunet the above motion was APPROVED

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