Affordable Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare

Although the government has taken significant strides in the past, many are still unable to access the health services they require. A community-based, comprehensive, publicly funded, and accessible healthcare system is essential. We need equitable and accessible healthcare for all British Columbians, including those with complex care needs, those who need prescription medication, those facing mental health challenges, and those with reproductive health concerns. 

The BC Greens' plan for Affordable Healthcare

Caring for a medically-complex child is a full-time responsibility, which far exceeds that of caring for a well child. Nursing Support Services (NSS) is crucial home care support for these children, but it is becoming less accessible. 

Providing NSS must be a priority of any government; this support enables preventative care which reduces hospitalization rates, saves resources, cuts expenses, and improves outcomes.

The high cost of prescription drugs prevents many British Columbians from addressing treatable conditions, burdening them and our healthcare system with the consequences of untreated illness. 

We need a comprehensive essential drugs program for all of BC. This will make medications more affordable, especially for communities facing financial struggles, and will improve the lives of our people. 

The Medical Services Plan premium is unfair, especially for those of us who can least afford it. MSP premiums must be replaced with a fairer approach to financing our health system. This includes expanding mental health services across the province, investing in preventative mental healthcare, bringing psychologists under MSP, and ensuring equitable access to harm reduction and addictions services. 

BC Greens called for free contraception for a year before the NDP took action. However, there's more to be done to support gender equity and reproductive healthcare. 

Many areas in BC still lack accessible reproductive healthcare, which worsens regional and economic disparities. We urgently need to invest in better access to abortion services and other reproductive services throughout the province.

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