Adam Olsen speaks at Defend our Marine Highways Rally

"It is good to be here with you, all my friends and relatives.

"We are here today to stand with our coastal communities.

"Today is a day of mourning… and a day of celebration:

"We mourn the eroding fabric of our Province, brought on by the backward BC Ferries policy of the current and previous BC Governments.

"We stand with all our coastal communities… we stand with all British Columbian’s. Your government does not value your contribution… your opinions… your ideas… and your solutions.

"But, today we celebrate our fellowship, that this gathering… and the many others like it across British Columbia will affect change. We are hopeful that government will hear our message and will act on our behalf, we are hopeful that the BC government will represent all British Columbians,

"For the past several months, I have had the honor of watching, engaging and supporting the BC Ferry Coalition as it moves, grows and works together. I have witnessed this group of community leaders set aside their political differences, and roll up their sleeves to defend the future of their communities.

"I applaud your efforts! It is very exciting to see all of you in action. Your commitment to affecting the best possible result for our communities is encouraging! It is the way of the future!

"Today we celebrate the BC coast. We celebrate the unique and distinct cultures of our coastal communities and your importance to Supernatural British Columbia.

"Your value is far greater than any economic formula can determine! Your contribution to this province is priceless!

"Today we celebrate your passion… today we celebrate your resourcefulness… today we celebrate our coastal communities… today we celebrate our coastal peoples.

"There are incredible economic challenges ahead, and we must work together to overcome them, but the answer is not abandoning 20% of our population, and a third of our provincial economy.

"Decisions to increase fares and decrease service levels do not just hurt coastal communities, they hurt all of British Columbia!

"Communities across the Province are affected by these decisions! The whole provincial economy is impacted by these decisions.

"Premier Clark, we are asking you to help us build our communities, we cannot do it without reliable ferry service,

"Premier Clark, you need not face the challenges of British Columbia alone. We love our communities and as you see we are passionate about protecting them.

"With you today, here in front of the Legislature, I challenge the government to justify the economic and social impacts of the BC Ferry cuts. I challenge the Premier: when we know businesses are suffering, when we know school trips are suffering, when we know job opportunities are suffering.

"Premier Clark I ask… When will you act?"

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