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Born in Victoria, Adam was raised on Tsartlip First Nation in Brentwood Bay, BC. The Olsen family has always been small business owners. Whether it was on the guide fishing boat in the Saanich Inlet, pushing a lawnmower for Mt. Newton Gardening or buying and selling wool for Mt. Newton Indian Sweaters and Salish Fusion Knitwear, Adam has always worked alongside his parents and siblings (Joaquim, Joni and Heather).

Adam was elected to Central Saanich Council in 2008 and re-elected in 2011. He served as the Chair of Planning & Development and Water & Wastewater and represented the community on a number of boards and commissions including solid and liquid waste, Greater Victoria Public Library and the Regional Housing Trust Fund.

On January 21, 2013 Adam resigned his seat on Council to run provincially for the B.C. Green Party in Saanich North and the Islands. Finishing third, in the closest three-way race in the province, Adam was less then 400 votes away from being elected.

In August 2013, Adam was appointed Interim-Leader of the B.C. Green Party. In December 2015, MLA Andrew Weaver was elected leader and appointed Adam as Deputy-Leader. MLA Weaver appointed Adam as Campaign Chair in November 2016. Adam was elected as the Member for Saanich North and the Islands in 2017, and then re-elected in 2020. He currently serves as the Caucus Chair.

Adam is an entrepreneur, a networker, and a community builder. He tackles challenges straight on and he is a tireless in his efforts. For the past decade, Adam’s work has been primarily focused on politics.

He is a work-from-home dad/politician. First with his son Silas, and now with his daughter Ella, Adam has often juggled childcare with board meetings and campaigning.

If politics and child rearing was not a challenge enough, Adam is a partner in two businesses with his family members. He is partnered with his mother Sylvia in OLSEN&OLSEN, a First Nations housing consulting company.

While he has taken a step back from working on the housing consulting projects, his other partnership, with his mother and sister Joni, has started to boom. Salish Fusion Knitwear is the latest creative effort of the Olsen family.

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