Access to Education

Access to Education

BC Greens stands strong in supporting all British Columbians in their education aspirations. We have advocated for and achieved increased funding to offer free adult education for high school graduation. However, there is still much work ahead to enhance funding for early education and childcare, K-12 public schools, post-secondary education, and professional training.

The BC Greens' plan for Access to Education

We must provide quality, affordable education by doubling the BC Access Grant, providing tax forgiveness and needs-based grants for post-secondary debt relief, and imposing tuition freezes in hard times to ensure students can maintain an acceptable quality of life. 

The changing economy requires a new funding plan for education that ensures equitable access for students and addresses wage and class size disparities. The current funding system fails to consider diverse student needs and regional variations. This province needs increased funding to ensure equitable investment in every child and prepare students for the future.

Affordable childcare provides children with a strong start, helps parents return to work, and offers broad societal benefits like higher tax revenue and lower crime rates. With proper funding, we can offer free or more affordable childcare for parents and ensure fair wages for early childhood educators.

Affordable professional education empowers our workforce and lowers unemployment rates. We must invest in education and training in ways that provide in-service skills training for workers, retraining for those affected by automation or changing markets, and offers paid practicums and apprenticeships for student nurses and tradespeople.

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