A New Politics for BC

The BC Greens Policy Committee will be holding several policy sessions that will be open to the general public to gather feedback on the development of our platform for the next general election.

Since forming government in 2017, the BC NDP has clung to its 20th century ideology and is ill-equipped to mount meaningful responses to the challenges facing British Columbians. They have made big promises and used divisive tactics to serve their political interests, then dragged their heels on important issues like climate change and the poisoned drug supply, and exhibited a fundamental lack of accountability.

In order to solve the root causes of the deeply intertwined crises we are faced with, British Columbians need a different type of politics. A politics that is fundamentally based in social, environmental, and economic justice. A politics that only the BC Greens are able to offer.

When we look at government after government delivering the same underwhelming results, it is easy to feel cynical about politics. But there is hope for a different path forward, and that hope is carried by the BC Greens.

To ensure that the BC Greens are prepared to meet the diverse needs of British Columbians, we will be hosting a series of conversations that will explore the prospect of hope that a “New Politics” will bring.

During these conversations we will be unpacking some basic questions, such as:

  • Where are we now and why do we need a new politics?
  • How did we get here and what is “neoliberalism” anyway?
  • Where do we want to be – what does our “New Politics” look like?
  • How do we get there – how do we spread hope?

The Conversations

The conversations will be held via Zoom and will be open to members and supporters. They will begin with presentations and/or panel discussions to introduce the topic; and then participants will go into breakout groups to discuss what they have heard. The breakout groups will be moderated by members of the policy committee, who will endeavour to ensure that anyone who wants to, gets the chance to voice their thoughts. However, if attendance is too large, those unable to speak will be invited to submit written comments. There will be a short report to the larger group at the end of each conversation.

This information will be taken as input to the policy committee, the party and the caucus office for consideration as we move forward with policy and platform.

The Schedule

All events will go from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. Click the events below for more details and to RSVP.

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