[MEDIA STATEMENT] Andrew Weaver Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership

Victoria B.C. -  “The TPP, especially the investor-state dispute settlement clauses, poses a serious threat to the sovereignty of our province. It places the interests of multinational corporations above the interests of British Columbians,” says Andrew Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party and MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

Today in the legislature Weaver stood to oppose the TPP in the Motion 11 debate.

“It is a 20th-century trade strategy applied to a 21st-century economy. Supporting the TPP will have dire consequences for our technology sector - one of British Columbians greatest economic opportunities,” says Weaver. “The BC Liberals have been going out of their way to try to court technology companies, talking about leadership in this sector and how government is there for them. Today we see that was all talk, as they swiftly cut the legs out from under this industry with this vote.”

“Signing this deal will also undermine our ability to be climate leaders. If we are serious about addressing climate change we will have to implement more aggressive policies to reduce our emissions, under this agreement that would put us at a distinct trade disadvantage if other countries did not follow suit.”

“This is not a deal for British Columbians, this is a deal for Petronas. The motion to support the Trans Pacific Partnership was put on the order papers in the fall before the text of the TPP was even available. The BC Liberals made up their mind before even reading the text.”


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