Green Systems Change (edited)

The Green Party of BC is far more than just about protecting the environment. Our commitment is to long term sustainability in all systems including our provincial governance. Our focus will be on substance rather than appearance. We will not be rewarding specific sectors or special interests for their donations. Even with respect to difficult issues, after considering all sides , we will be transparent and not act in mutually contradictory ways that while they can be seen to please everyone , actually cancel each other out in their effects. (see “Unconscious Civilization” by Ralston Saul for an excellent analysis of how this works). We will provide governance beyond the appearance of accountability in top-down, inaccessible, rigid silos. These not only alienate our citizens but also alienate and burn-out the very public service providers who in the end are the only ones who have direct contact with reality on the ground in our communities. Fobbing citizens off to visit a website or having public servants who are limited to plugging a very narrow part of reality into a rigid computer program, cannot continue to be our only form of carrying on the business of government . It is failing both in terms of outcomes and alienation of both citizens and public servants. Grass roots information must flow upwards and meet policies and practices. Management as if we were dealing with an assembly plant for precise and predictable engineered parts, does not work. Natural systems including those responding to human needs and behaviour are more complex and do not function in silos. All aspects affect each other, for example the mental health system affects and is affected by emergency and other medical services, public safety, pharmacare, social services, education, housing, family services, children and families , community policing, neighbourhood commerce, tourism, transportation, employment etc. We must allow some room for locally and individually appropriate solutions that fit , as well as bringing satisfaction and meaning back into the public service, while still tracking outcomes. This is the natural reward for a system that works; where there is room for public servants to care and know that they are making a difference and citizens feel that they matter. Our systems must evolve outside of the industrial paradigm in order to return to functionality. This also includes financial sustainability but looking beyond instant gratification and the next financial quarter; rather, looking more deeply at social and material sustainability. Looking at underlying causes and addressing them.


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