Childcare : Early Childhood Education Beyond Liberating Parents

Please consider a broader application of what we know about "Head Start" programming: initially 29 years of research (with as I recall a sampling of 70,000) showing huge impacts on scholarity, employment, criminality, divorce, incomes, and health - this is specific programming offering free childcare to the families with the fewest resources and the poorest outcomes in these categories. It does include the requirement for a parent participating for only a couple hours per week (where some simple practices are modeled and/or practiced without any “preaching”) - it was partially lost after a switch to a republican admin. in the U.S.A. prior to the first Clinton presidency. I would suggest a google search; however first for a dry, diluted version, after now over 45 years see: . It not only paves the way to positive school readiness, but feeds a positive feedback loop of self-esteem for both parent and child. There are aboriginal Head Start programs in B.C. and with some renewal this should have broad appeal in the current environment and address many of the underlying predisposing factors in the cycle of poverty. I was fortunate to be mentored in doing family and psychological work and friends with the person in charge of developing the program for the state of Wisconsin and heard from him a memorable picture of how it worked. Happy to share more detail.


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