Voter equality is the principle

Campaign contributions should be limited to voters only, and to an amount that just about anyone can afford, perhaps $50. This could be supplemented by a multiple of the amount from the public purse. If the multiplier was three, then a $50 donation would be supplemented by $150, making a total of $400. A mechanism would be needed to permit someone who could not afford even $50 to donate, perhaps through the tax system. The tax deductions on the income tax return should be eliminated. By the way with the present system if a poor person contributes $100 it actually costs them $100, whereas the cost to a rich person is $25; this is seriously unfair. Political parties are not mentioned in the constitution. Thus government funding should not go to parties, as in the per vote subsidy proposed. Only to individual candidates as per the above. Parties will not like that, but will have to work something out.


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