Save our old growth, on Van Isle!

I have grown up in Vancouver Island from the moment I could walk, going up and down Northwest Bay with my Grandpa in his old wooden diesel boat. To many times fishing, crabbing and prawning, with any luck we did catch a few prawns. We always did well with crab. Many times, to learning to appreciate nature from my grandpa and grandma who I grew up with from a young age. Both showing me and teaching me to admire where we live. I eventually grew a love of animals and trees on my own. My family background is forestry related and we all love trees. I love the old growth as I have learned to appreciate them more as I’ve gotten older. With having discovered areas like Carmanah Walbran Park, Avatar Grove and Lonely Doug. I really love those areas, I really love anywhere where’s there’s ancient giants. They have a story to tell, they’ve seen it all really. More than any man on the island aside from who was here nine hundred or a thousand years ago. I stand to say that anywhere that has remaining old growth or any nature that is unprotected become protected and safe from harvesting or destruction, please B.C. Think before doing here, as these trees and the nature that surrounds them is irreplaceable. It would be nice for it to be here for generations to come or for forever in the future.


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