BC Hydro Rates & Bills are Out of Control!

Our family is having to use credit to buy groceries in the colder months because of the hydro bills which are totally incongruent with what we actually use. No one can figure out why it's happening and our bills are way more than all of our neighbours. We had the Smart Meter pulled for testing last year and it passed so then we had to pay for that. Our townhouse was audited by an Electrician prior to that. Now there is a study from the Netherlands stating there is proof that Smart Meters can be giving readings that are almost 600% above the actual useage?! Our last three January bills have been $441, $552, and $740! Our next bill in March is expected to be around $600! Nothing we have tried to do keeps us out of Step 2 billing. We have all new appliances that are Energy Star rated and rarely turn on any heat at all. My son is so worried he refuses to turn on the heat in his room even when it is cold at night.


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