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I want to represent Victoria-Swan Lake, because it is my home. I have lived in many places, but Victoria is always home. I was born here, and attended Colquitz, Spectrum, and the University of Victoria, and my family lives here. Over the past 8 years, I initiated and have led a research laboratory at BC Children's Hospital in the childhood cancer and blood research group. If elected MLA, my family and I will move back home.

I believe in evidence-based policy, strong ethical leadership, and that elected officials should serve the public’s interest rather than those of special interests (corporations and their unions). Here in BC, the Green Party best represents my beliefs, and that is why I will vote Green and I hope that you will too


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Chris was born and raised in Victoria. His mother was a special education teacher, and his father was a surveyor with the government. Chris attended Colquitz and Spectrum before completing a degree in biochemistry at the University of Victoria. His brother is a Vice Principal in Victoria, his sister-in-law is a teacher and he has two great nephews who are the best cousins his young son Leo could ask for. His sister is a Special Olympian, and she has represented Victoria, Vancouver Island and BC as a speed skater. His Grandma and Grandpa lived in Victoria-Swan Lake, his Uncle and Aunt still do. He has many family members and many friends in Victoria. It is his home.

Chris left Victoria in 1999 to pursue his PhD in Edmonton, where he met his wife Alaine. In 2004, he followed her down to the San Francisco area and he completed postdoctoral studies at Berkeley. In 2006, they got married in Victoria, honeymooned in Tofino and bought a condo on Cox Bay. In 2007, they moved to Barcelona, where Chris studied at a cancer institute, and they had the opportunity to live abroad, experience a new culture, see some of Europe, and get homesick. In 2009, they moved to Vancouver where Chris started his research lab at BC Children’s Hospital. In 2014, they had their son Leo, whom they named after Chris’ grandfather Leonard, who was named after his Uncle, who died at Vimy Ridge. In 2016, Chris, Alaine and Leo visited Vimy Ridge, and they encourage all Canadians to do the same.

Chris loves his job at BC Children’s Hospital and feels very fortunate to work alongside some remarkable stakeholders and brilliant scientists, to collaborate with amazing clinicians, and to oversee extremely talented trainees. He loves the task of problem solving, the challenges, the discovery and the collaboration of research. As a citizen of BC, Chris believes that democracy requires our engagement and we must work to protect our rights and privileges. These rights can be taken from us and their loss can often be a slow and steady stream of government decisions aligning less with the public trust and more with the interests of political donors. Chris believes that public service is a privilege, and it would be his privilege to serve the constituents of Victoria-Swan Lake.

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