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David Wong

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I was born and raised in East Vancouver. My family has deep roots in Vancouver going back over 130 years and generations of my family have stood up to help build a better city, province, and nation. I love my community passionately. My colourful East Van upbringing shaped the individual I am today— a no-nonsense advocate for local issues with economic and social security for all. We have a moral responsibility to care for those who cared for us when we were young, and in so doing we will serve as role models for future generations.

I will work tirelessly to nurture and support our Mom and Pop businesses, our self / underemployed, our struggling young families and our respected elders and veterans. These folks have been both ignored and forgotten by the B.C. Liberals and the B.C. NDP, who expend valuable, ill-afforded resources engaging in unproductive, tasteless mudslinging. More than half of our neighbours did not vote. I want to give people the confidence to know that their vote counts. Apathy and despair has gone on too long. Each election cycle see voters frustrated and exhausted by the same old rhetoric. Let’s move forward with dignity and positive change.

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A proud multi-generational Canadian, David is an architect and an urban ecologist. His background as a biologist has helped him lead his office in sustainable design – including Metro Vancouver Fraser Valley's first LEED Gold building, affordable housing initiatives, and healthy homes in coastal First Nations communities.

David is also a best selling author of the graphic novel ‘Escape to Gold Mountain’, an illustrated narrative on racism and the early Chinese North American experience. He was named by the Vancouver Sun as one of BC's "100 influential Chinese-Canadians" and as one of "Vancouver's Leading Lights in Green Design". The past decades have seen David lead the effort to protect Vancouver’s urban forest, recently recognized internationally as one of the world’s best tree canopied cities. He actively supports Canadian arts, cultural and environmental efforts through planning, volunteering, and helping establish organizations and events that help build community and share knowledge. He includes First Peoples participation on all of his projects, whether its in his architectural projects, environmental advocacy or literature. Our First Peoples have reciprocated their respect to David with honours and adoptions by First Nations communities across North America. In 2013, David was inducted as an Honorary Witness by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

David is a proponent of diversity and intercultural knowledge sharing as an incubator of creativity and innovation— manifesting themselves as the economic engine for many small business enterprises. It is important to nurture and protect these small businesses, as they create over half of our province’s jobs.

Most important, David firmly believes we have a moral responsibility to care for those who cared for us when we were young, and in so doing we will serve as role models for future generations.

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