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It's time to transform the political system into one that is once again responsive to the needs of the people. A system that listens to the needs of individuals and families first before special interests. A system that is powered by you, fights for you and hears your voice.

Having that kind of true representation begins with you. With us. Working together to bring about the kind of change that includes everyone in the discussion, is completely transparent and will do the rights things for the benefit of all. Not for political gain, following party lines, lobbying or for selfish reasons. True representation means making decisions collaboratively that fully support what truly matters to all of us: safety, care, education, and a vision of the future that will bring us to a fair sustainable and thriving society.

This is not a faraway dream. The road begins now and it starts with the B.C. Greens. As the only party powered by you and you only no one else can offer you the same.

I am putting my name forward for this election to stand in for the Green vision and represent a group of amazing people, policies, and values.

About Pascal

Pascal has been working in technology, design, communications and entrepreneurship for over 15 years. He is currently co-founder and Creative Director of The Good Kind agency which helps social change organizations and campaigns amplify their impact and outreach efforts.

He is also the founder of Hello Positive, an apparel company that helps positive social change organizations raise awareness and funding for their campaigns.

Having been a part of environmental and social justice campaigns for the last 8 years as well as being engaged politically, he sees and understands that we can do much better for ourselves and our future by electing representatives that truly look out for the collective good.

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