Michael Wolfe


Michael Wolfe

Richmond-Queensborough | rqe@bcgreens.ca

I cannot sit idly by allowing the community I know and love to be any further eroded. With our new electoral riding the people who live work commute and play in Richmond and New Westminster are joined together. We share in the benefits of services that are provided by a provincial government. Education health transportation justice local government and social services are all responsibilities of a good government. From direct experiences I have learned the growing problems that we face when using these local services, from underfunding neglecting and hiding the reasons for decisions from the public spotlight. As I represent myself as a classroom teacher being completely transparent and involving my students in consensus building decisions, I am working with our youth to model the behaviours that we should emulate in all the places we will go.

The B.C. Greens are a true party of the people where the elected MLA represents their constituents first and foremost. My work over the past decade in this riding began with actions to combat apathy and inaction. I am thankful for the opportunity to represent the people who make me proud to be from this harmonic island community.

About Michael

Michael Wolfe was born in Richmond 35 years ago, is happily married to his wife Tiffany. He lives close to the land of this great grandparents, thankful that the generations have passed down the values of caring for neighbours and the land that provides for us all.

Wolfe is a public school science teacher at McNair Secondary in Richmond. Over the years, known as Mr. Wolfe, he has taught all subjects and grade levels, including at the board office as a teacher consultant, where he supported teachers and contributed to policy development and organizing district-wide events. With his ability to lead by example, he pioneered the new B.C. curricula and is now offering the new courses of Environmental Science 11 and 12. Recently he was recruited to provide professional development to future teachers of these courses. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Education degree from UBC with a focus on education for sustainability, where he works closely with stakeholders who are involved with social change.

Wolfe has been a longtime community advocate, providing direct feedback on community services and is currently serving as a board member for the Richmond Health Advisory Committee, Richmond Nature Park Society, and the Garden City Conservation Society. Since proving himself as an outspoken leader on Agricultural Land Reserve issues, he has served as a Richmond director of the Farmland Defence League of BC, advocating for the preservation of farmland, agriculture, food security, and the viability of rural life. Each spring he farms a diversity of edibles and raises chickens, bees, and fish with his students to provide learning outcomes on the work involved with growing the food we eat.

Wolfe has been honoured to receive recognition for his role as a mentor for leaders of tomorrow, including being previously profiled as a "Top 30 under 30" in Richmond, and topping a newspaper reader's poll as the "Best person you would like to see in office." He is unequivocally committed to providing a voice for the voiceless, for the good of the whole Richmond-Queensborough community.

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