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Platform suggestions

Platform suggestions

What do you want in an election platform? Put forward your ideas and suggestions to make this the most collaborative, innovative and inspiring election platform we have ever produced.

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Suggestions and ideas

New Education, for the Development of Alternative, Environmentally, Sustainable, Energy Sources.

Solar and Wind we hear about a lot as alternative energy sources. But not so often do we hear about Water Electrolysis, for an alternative fuel source, in cars we use every day. 

Water Powered Car – It Doesn’t Matter If It’s From Your Tap, Bottled or Lake


A Japanese company called Genepax unveiled their water powered car in 2008 in Osaka, Japan. It doesn’t matter if it’s tap, bottled, or lake water, any type of water can make this car run.

An energy generator splits the water molecules to produce hydrogen and this is used to power the car. They use a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) to split the Hydrogen from the Oxygen through a chemical reaction. The cell needs only water and air, eliminating the need for a hydrogen reformer and high pressure hydrogen tank.

Water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas atoms in a capacities cell by a polarization and resonance process dependent upon the dielectric properties of water and water molecules. The gas atoms are thereafter ionized or otherwise energized and thermally combusted to release a degree of energy greater than that of combustion of the gas in ambient air.



We need to put our development of Alternative, Environmentally, Sustainable, Energy Sources, Like Wind, Solar, and Water Electrolysis, into high gear so we can claim our independence away from fossil fuels as other countries are doing.

MSP Flat Tax not eligible as medical expense on income tax return.

Not only is MSP a flat tax which is in favour of the wealthy, but it is not eligible as a medical expense on our Tax Return because it is paid to the government and not to a private provider. Disposing with the monthly premium and implementing a medical services premium based on income solves both these inequalities.

Support Biotechnology in BC's Agricultural and Silvicultural Industries

One of the Green platform planks is increasing BC agriculture's resilience in the face of climate change and ability to provide for BC's own consumption, including a target of 30% increase in productivity over 2001 levels. With BC already being a leader in technological industries and biological research, we are well-positioned to make use of biotechnology to help improve BC's agricultural resilience, yields, and diversity. For example, a UBC team working with professor Joerg Bohlmann has conducted research into using genetic engineering to combat BC's devastating Mountain Pine Beetle; and a local small business called Okanagan Specialty Fruits has developed a non-browning apple intended to reduce food waste. Elsewhere in the world, crops are being developed to resist the effects of climate change, by developing traits such as drought tolerance (for example, at the University of California San Diego) or resistance to insect pests whose range increases to grow with rising temperatures. Certain kinds of biotechnology-assisted pest control can also reduce the need for soil tillage, which promotes erosion and water runoff and impedes the growth of helpful organisms like earthworms and mycorrhizal fungi. The Greens should support the research, development, and deployment of agricultural biotechnology to improve BC's ability to provide stable supplies of natural resources to its growing population in the face of a changing climate.

Boost Vaccination Rates

As reported by the Frasher Health Institute in the CBC in August 2015 and by a UBC study in November 2016, among many other sources, vaccination rates in BC are below the threshold for effective herd immunity against infectious diseases. While Richmond has overall 90% vaccination rates, places such as West Vancouver have much lower rates around 60%. These low vaccination rates needlessly endanger children, and the Greens should commit to boosting vaccination rates among children. Kaiser Health News recently reported on an effective intervention in Michigan whereby parents were required to obtain vaccination waivers by consulting in-person with local public health departments. This proven strategy seems easy to implement and could be on way to help boost immunity rates. I also suggest the Greens commit to expanding the range of HPV vaccines provided for free to all children, boys and girls, to include HPV4, HPV9, and where applicable HPV2. This could help lower the incidence of cervical and anal cancers in BC.

Repeal Section 37.8 of the Employment Standards Act

Section 37.8 has created a culture of problematic labour practices among high technology companies in BC. Employers do not pay overtime wages or even straight pay for overtime hours; they do not ensure that employees have at least 32 consecutive hours free from work, instead often requiring or allowing their employees to work up to 7 days a week; they do not engage in overtime averaging agreements; they do not respect rules regarding statutory holidays; and generally engage in legally grey but distasteful practices like encouraging employees to sleep at the office or in the parking lot in order to maximize the amount of time they can spend at the office in a day. In addition, companies tangentially related to technology, such as animation and film visual effects, have been using Section 37.8 as justification for engaging in similar practices. The standards are inconsistently enforced by the Employment Standards Branch, with similar cases being treated wildly differently depending on who has been assigned to the file. I suggest the Greens commit to repealing Section 37.8, such that common-sense labour laws can be rightfully enforced in the tech sector just as with most other sectors. There are better ways to promote the technology industry than slashing labour rights.

Better Contraception Options/Coverage

In anticipation of FDA approval of Vasalgel entering human trials shortly, (and anticipation of female equivalent studies to follow-already started in India), I would like to see in writing contraception availability specifically including Vasalgel as it is better than any other option currently (affordable, long lasting, reversible, 100% effective[they say 98% but I haven't heard of failure yet], non-hormonal, no side effects ).

Carpooling On-Demand

With all the talk of Uber... Spare Rides is Vancouver created app that is carpooling on-demand. I would like to see more promotion of safe carpooling apps that actually reduces car trips unlike regular taxi services who drive empty to the pick-up location and then how often are just driving one person to their destination? I think there are some regulations around carpool vs taxi right now that might be hindering better/flexible carpool service.

Affordable Housing

Re: Tax on Capital Gains over $750k on principle residences. Suggest it be made clear that the capital gains calculated for the purposes of this tax would only start accruing when the tax is implemented. I was speaking to a couple that was very worried that this type of tax would be applied to the capital gains they have earned since they bought their house over 20 years ago. They have no pension or other retirement savings and are planning to use the proceeds from the sale of their principle residence as their retirement fund when they can no longer operate their small business. I'm sure the intention is to be prospective with the tax as it would only be fair that the full implications are know when making decisions regarding real estate and other investments.

Weekend Insurance

To increase ridership on transit and get cars of the road offer weekend insurance starting Friday and ending Sunday night (plus stat holidays)...at a 50% discount...that way people could still use their cars to buy groceries etc and visit family on weekends or go on holidays. Cod have different colour licence plate.

Home Grown Uber

Uber and other ride sharing apps are convenient and widely used, but also unsafe due to a lack of driver regulation, in addition the corporations that run these services are often predatory and untrustworthy. The BC government should create their own open-source app and host the service. The government would also be the ones responsible for running background checks and be gatekeepers for drivers by requiring a low cost (think $200) fee to become a driver. Drivers should keep the majority of the fees and perhaps be able to set their own prices. A home grown ride sharing service would let BC make ride sharing work for the people of the province instead of the pocket books of American corporations.

Rent increases

Why does the government allow landlords to increase rent yearly by percentages set by the government ..... ???? I am amongst many seniors who live on a fixed income .. my income does NOT go up as much as my rent does every year ... landlords don't seem to have to justify increases .. they just do with the law allows them to do ... are you going to do something about this????

BC Ferries as part of the Trans Canada Highway System

More people are moving to Vancouver Island. The existing BC Ferry system would have a broader financial support base if it was treated like part of the Canadian Highway System. Fast affordable passenger ferries connecting to the Vancouver Airport and rapid transit. Where does our gas taxes go to? Not much of it goes to the highway system between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The powers that be can spend 3.8 billion on a bridge that connects to a highway that doesn't even go directly into downtown Vancouver

Seniors care ...

Something has to be done to allow Seniors to stay in their homes and get adequate care from outside agencies. Most seniors I know, would much rather be in their home than in a care home where there is a good chance of picking up some nasty bugs and they are made to feel like just another number.... no dignity .... I am sure that it would be cheaper for the government to ENSURE that no matter what the income level is, all seniors have the option of staying in their homes as opposed to the costs involved in them being kept in care homes. Let's cut the red tape ... assistance based on income ... care based on need .... the rich shouldn't be taken care of better than the poor ...

There is no such thing Free Childcare

The BC Greens current platform (http://www.bcgreens.ca/childcare) astutely describes the nature of work, cost of living, and value of education. "Free Childcare" however is a deceptive euphemism to solicit votes. Shifting the burden from a parent to a paid childcare worker is illusionary. There is only one source of funds - you, me and our neighbour. Let us focus on publically funded programs that benefit most and/or all members of the public.

Protect in perpetuity every old growth tree in the province

Protecting in perpetuity the old growth forests that loggers have already began cutting would be a good environmental stance. To cut down even one of these magnificent thousand year old trees is a sin yet Clark has allowed whole sections of the forest on the island to be cut.

Attracting New Physicians to British Columbia

The BC Liberals made an election promise to ensure every BC resident had access to a Family Doctor. They failed to achieve this promise and even abandoned it. It is time for the BC Green Party to do what the Liberals failed to do. This can be done through offering a number of layered initiatives such as student loan forgiveness for BC students born in BC or graduating from a BC University as long as they practise in BC for a minimum of 10 consecutive years after their graduation and medical licensing to practise. The personal and business tax incentives such as student loans being treated as a capital loss while they practise in BC for provincial tax purposes; business and property tax incentives for the setting up of new clinics or walk-ins etc. My opinion is that "you can pay some now or pay a lot more later" if we do not address this physician shortage and if you offer a number of layered incentives you will attract a sufficient number of well trained physicians to set-up practises in BC. You can even set geographical preferences. Something else that should be considered is incentives to attract private medical clinics. Case in point, I can now wait months for an MRI or go to a private MRI clinic (just as professional) if I pay. For those BC residents who have the financial resources to avail themselves of a wider variety of private medical services, they should be offered that option in BC. It might even reduce the wait time for the publicly funded system. More needs to be done in BC to ensure at minimum (1) every BC resident should have access to a family doctor and there be significant reductions in wait times for diagnostic and routine surgeries. Chris Price


Biochar is charcoal made from plant wastes (farming, industrial, forestry) by heating those wastes in a low oxygen environment. It is applied to soils as an amendment (not a fertilizer) that promotes micro-organisms and soil enhancement (breaking up overly hard clay and dried-out sand based soils) to improve the efficiency of irrigation, enhancing fertilizer uptake and supporting fungal and bacterial life. But biochar affects climate by being the only cheap widely available carbon dioxide sink. Applying biochar to the soil buries the CO2 captured by plants rather than leaving plant wastes to rot and return the plant captured CO2 to the air. The interruption of the plant based carbon cycle keeps the carbon out of the atmosphere in a significant way for up several millennia. Thus using it contributes to the reduction of the CO2 green house gas load in the atmosphere. This effect can be measured for the purposes of meeting green house targets. Biochar manufacture can be added to civic landfill operations alongside the current manufacture and sale of wood-chipped products. The off-gases in its manufacture can be added to the current landfill methane fuel captured and burned to produce local electricity. To sum up, biochar use enhances agriculture but also contributes to climate change reduction.



ICBC the perfect "Vehicle" for Road Maintenance.

The GPBC will put ICBC in charge of road maintenance….this will use the natural incentive of reducing accidents and payouts rather than the "work to rule" minimal meeting of the terms of our current very fallible contracts for road maintenance. There has been a huge deterioration in road maintenance since privatization - very evident in rural areas and will be very appealing to rural and suburban BC-ers . I have heard road contractor drivers literally cry in frustration and worry about the pressure they receive from their corporate supervisors to not do more than the minimum even with some of the extreme weather and road conditions we have been facing. More than ever this must be re-aligned.

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