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Strengthen the relationship with Washington State / Strengthen the ECC

In the 1990s, BC and Wash St created the Environmental Cooperation Council to manage our shared ecosystems like the Salish Sea and the Columbia River Basin. This agreement acknowledge the scientific reality that nature does not see random political lines created in 1846. This regional agreement has been neglected by the BC Liberals and responsibilities have been delegated to Environment Canada. With the growth that is expected to occur between Metro Vancouver and Metro Seattle - we really need to work together to create a sustainable region with advanced infrastructure. This will also help scale up opposition against regressive federal policies in both the U.S. and Canada (e.g. Pipelines and shipping Oil). This all dovetails with truth and reconciliation as both Coastal and Plateau communities in BC and Wash were disrupted by the national boundary created.

Adopt the UN convention on biodiversity and its goals (

The UN convention on biodiversity has set goals including protecting 17% of terrestial and 10% of marine areas. Another goal is to stem the rate of biodiversity loss (extinctions) by at least 50% by 2020. The Green Party should remain a voice for promoting recommended international standards on biodiversity.

Tax unused agricultural land

How about taxing unused ALR? Produce food (not hay or trees) or provide temporary habitat for pollinators or plant with a cover crop that builds soil quality, or else become subject to taxes that increase over time.

SLAPPs (Strategic Laws Against Public Participation)

SLAPPs are intended to deter citizens from participating in public affairs by threatening to sue, using such causes as 'interference with contract,' 'trespass,' 'conspiracy,' 'assault,' 'defamation,' to describe actions such as circulating petitions, speaking out at municipal meetings, reporting bylaw infractions. A citizen or entity typically receives a communication from a corporation suggesting that further public expression of opposition will result in court action. The prospect of incurring court costs can have a chilling effect on free expression of opinions, especially when the potential suer has considerable means to pay for court costs and the suee does not. BC had an Anti-Slapp statute, albeit imperfect, in 2001, but it was repealed by Liberals in 2002. We need anti-SLAPP legislation in BC that deters such infringement of free expression by putting the onus on the suer to have 'substantial merit' for their claims and to have dismissal of lawsuits that interfere with free expression involving a matter of public interest. Some model legislation is already in effect in Ontario. Please consult experts on the ramifications of anti-SLAPP statutes and include statements about essential provisions in the election platform. The topic will likely come up at all-candidates meetings.

Stop observing Daylight saving time in BC

There are few if any proven benefits of observing DST, so why continue doing it? Purported benefits included saving energy, reduced traffic accidents, etc, but studies regarding these have sometimes shown a tiny benefit, and sometimes shown a tiny detriment. Some studies have shown that DST increases health risks such as heart attack, possibly because people have to wake up an hour earlier when the time changes.

Election Reform - Truth in Politics

Why is it a crime to commit perjury in a Canadian court of law, but not in political campaigns? Why do we value evidence-based reasoning less when we select our political leaders, than we do in a court of law? For that matter, if someone advertises a product or service, they must confirm to Canadian Competition and Regulatory Law, but these standards do not seem to apply to politicians, their surrogates, or campaigns during an election cycle; nor are Governments bound by them after an election. In this age of post-truth, fake news, and deceptive rhetoric, should we not protect effective democracy by standards of evidence-based reasoning. Does the electorate not deserve the opportunity to employ critical thinking free of deception? We have extensive policy on evidence based reason in law, so why can't we extend that to constrain our political processes as well?

Allow "lane filtering" by motorcyclists on BC roads when surrounding traffic is stopped

Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider rides slowly alongside vehicles that have stopped, such as in heavy gridlock traffic, in order to filter (advance) to the front of the group. In many parts of the world (e.g. the UK, Europe, Asia, NSW in Australia, California) lane filtering is legal and normal. Recently, lane splitting bills have been introduced in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Benefits of lane filtering include: encouraging commuters to drive smaller, less GHG-emitting vehicles (i.e. motorcycles or scooters) by letting them get to their destination faster than they would in a car; reducing the risk of a motorcyclist getting rear-ended when stopped (a serious risk in stop-and-go traffic); and making more efficient use of the road, potentially mitigating the need to widen some roads.

Allow private alternatives to ICBC for basic auto insurance

ICBC, holding a monopoly on basic auto insurance in BC, has little incentive to offer innovative services or reduce costs to consumers. Furthermore, in November 2016, ICBC projected that insurance rates would increase by 6.4 per cent in 2017, 7.9 per cent in 2018, 9.4 per cent in 2019 and 7.9 per cent in 2020. For many families in BC, this rate of price increases is unsustainable, and not insuring a vehicle is not a viable alternative for those living in much of the Fraser Valley. Transit service east of about New Westminster is generally infrequent and slow, and is insufficient for many people to rely on every day to get to work, buy groceries, access health care services, etc. Apart from being unreasonably expensive, ICBC's lack of innovation also discourages transportation strategies that could reduce congestion or emissions. For instance, I have both a car and a scooter, and during most of the year I would be delighted to drive my scooter to work on sunny days rather than drive my car, thereby reducing my carbon emissions. Unfortunately, ICBC provides no discount for people who insure both a car and scooter simultaneously, even though I can only drive one at a time. Consequently, I choose to insure only my car most of the year and leave my scooter sitting unused. Many private insurance companies (e.g. Geico, Allstate, Progressive) offer discounts when insuring a car and a scooter/motorcycle.

Careers - Greenbranding the jobs debate

Liberals and NDP constantly battle back and forth about jobs creation, and without defining what a job is, they both usually imply construction-based jobs. What this also implies is that if government can give you a job, they can take it away. The term Careers implies so much more, with benefits to the individual as well as to our society in general. In brief, a government that increases career opportunity invests in education. Education gives people the freedom to make their own choice. Higher education means higher pay for the individual and greater economic diversity for the province. Good governance promotes personal responsibility (a quality that is attractive to conservative minds). Someone who chooses and invests in their career choice will take pride in what they do, expand what they do creating jobs for others, and advance themselves. Liberal-NDP government handout jobs are temporary, keep an individual's wages and benefits down, and perpetuate the jobs debate every election cycle. The benefit to Greens - by changing the jobs debate to focus on Careers, we will be differentiating ourselves from the others while at the same time taking control of the conversation and creating a platform to talk about the types of industries we wish to promote and take it away from the idea that oil and gas expansion is the only way for anyone to make a living.

"corporations will do the right things" on Page 3, BC Green Policy, Don't Put That in the Platform

2. Positive and progressive, believing that individuals and -->corporations will do the right things<--, and will adhere to a set of socially, economically and environmentally just rules; and Page 3 of the BC Green Policy Book The line "corporations will do the right things" should be removed from the BC Green Policy book, and it shouldn't be put in the campaign platform. Corporations will not do the right things, they're greedy, and will take you for every penny they can get their hands on if you let them.

Free Transit for Children

Toronto: Children under 12 ride free.

Boston: Children under 11 ride free.

London: Children 12 and under ride free.

Montreal: Children under 11 ride free.

New York: Children under 44’’ ride free.

Vancouver: Children 5- 18 pay $1.75-$3.75.

Victoria: Children 5-18 $2.50.

If BC is serious about creating a generation of transit users and transit supporters, the provincial government needs to make more of an effort to encourage ridership. The easiest way to do that is to make transit more affordable and convenient for families. The BC Green party should promise to make public transit free for children under the age of 12. It is an inexpensive promise that reinforces the Green party's commitment both reducing green house gases and the expenses of families.

Protect Public Participation in British Columbia

SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) aim to penalise citizens for participating in public affairs and to deter others. The purpose of such lawsuits is not to have the case heard by a judge (who would dismiss it), but rather to force the critic to either shut up, or pay substantial costs (hence the term “strategic”) to take the matter to court. Like Ontario and Quebec, we need an express statutory right to communicate on matters of public interest.

Adopt & Implement the $10aDay Child Care Plan

Having a family is not affordable in BC today, but it doesn't have to be this way. By implementing the $10aDay Child Care Plan, we'll make family life more affordable, reduce income inequality, create jobs and grow the economy. And, child care is part of a green economy.

Systems Change

The Green Party of BC is far more than just about the environment. Our scientific evidence-informed view applies just as much to our human created systems, including our governance. We will have the courage to change them transparently, where perverted systemic incentives function in a way that is primarily to limit political liability or lead to management bonuses that in fact are about rewarding specific financially and politically supportive sectors and particularly where these lead to policies that are mutually contradictory, as is unfortunately so often the case in recent decades. We will face and articulate inconvenient truths when necessary. This includes starting the process of facing failed attempts to provide the appearance of accountability in top-down, inaccessible, rigid silos that not only alienate our citizens but also alienate the very public service providers who in the end are the only ones who have direct contact with the real complexities of their miss ions, on the ground. Fobbing citizens off to visit a website or having public servants who are limited to plugging a very narrow part of reality into a rigid computer program, cannot continue to become our only form of carrying on the business of government . It is failing both in terms of outcomes and alienation of both citizens and public servants. Grass roots information must flow upwards and meet policies and practices. Management as if we were dealing with an assembly plant for precise and predictable engineered parts, does not work. Natural systems including those responding to human needs and behaviour is more complex and does not function in silos. All aspects affect each other, for example the mental health system affects community policing, emergency medical services, potential terrorism, pharmacare, social services, education, housing, family services, children and families , neighbourhood commerce, tourism etc. Pharmaco-therapy is often important but not always the critical or missing piece. We actually know that a critical missing piece is for those who require this system to have a reliable and continuing relationship with another human, who themselves have adequate training and support .Our systems must evolve outside of the industrial paradigm in order to return to some real and experienced functionality. This also includes financial sustainability but looking beyond instant gratification and the next financial quarter; rather looking more deeply at social and material sustainability.

Fix the "Fox in the Henhouse" problems inherent with the Professional Reliance system.

Last May the Auditor General released a report which bluntly stated: "We found almost every one of our expectations for a robust compliance and enforcement program within the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the Ministry of Environment were not met." When Imperial Metals, who own the Mount Polley mine, are making six figure donations to the Liberal party, it is easy to speculate why compliance and enforcement are so lax.

Don't squeeze those who are poor

The poor are paying for the well-off through consumption taxes and MSP payments at a minimum. Really need to boost the welfare and disability rates to lift people out of poverty especially children and the elderly. Housing allowances need to double to keep pace with our housing market. More mental health services, educational and training supports - daycare, too.

Real Affordable Housing solutions

Distance the party from chem trail conspiracy

It was so silly and fake when the former leader of the party said she believed this was a thing. It makes the green party look like it is run by crazy amateurs

less focus on no pipelines more focus on developing sustainable industry and jobs

The green party really losses credibility with me when it focuses so negatively on existing industry with out providing meaningful solutions and paths forward. It is very temping to give that fast sound bite about how pipe lines are bad etc but the party should not give in to that temptation if it wants to get anyone elected and into a position where they might be able to slowly and all due care make some meaningful changes.

Acknowledge Corporate Investment in Alternate Energy

IKEA just bought a huge wind farm in Alberta - its second such purchase in the last five years. That means international corporations are investing in renewable/alternate energy projects in Canada. Why not BC? That sort of corporate move towards alternate energy sources should be a signal to BC that oil and gas is short term and short-sighted. Geothermal is not, and now it appears there is an international market for clean energy. This is a talking point for any Green Party candidate.

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